Jan 26, 2016

VenoTrain micro Compression stockings

Seeing in the spring with expressive colors

The most beautiful season is nearly upon us and it is bringing with it the new range of fashion colors for the VenoTrain micro, featuring vibrant shades that are perfect for springtime.

The sophisticated “Purple” and the bright “Orange” are reminiscent of blossoming crocuses. The radiant “Lagoon” makes you think of the turquoise waters of the South Pacific, sandy beaches, and palm trees. In contrast, “Petrol” is a rich blue that goes well with warm oranges and gold tones. The “Design Edition” of the VenoTrain micro creates even more scope for making vein therapy look great. The four new fashion colors can each be combined with an elegant double-stripe pattern or stripy cable-stitched design – Tango and Jive. For a more exotic look, you can choose a stocking with a navy blue or black batik dyed effect.

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