ManuTrain wrist support with donning aid

Feb 11, 2016

ManuTrain wrist support

Now with donning aid

When the wrist is painful, the ManuTrain support can help. A blue donning aid is now provided in every pack.

This practical addition saves time and energy when putting on the support, since the hand and forearm slide between two slim layers as with a glove. The ManuTrain thus surrounds the wrist more quickly and massages it when it moves. Two anatomically contoured pads protect nerves and protruding bones against pressure peaks in a targeted way.

The new donning aid makes everyday treatment easier every time you use it. Its easy-care material is especially tear-resistant. It is very thin, weighing only a few grams. As well as with the ManuTrain, a donning aid also comes as standard with all our ankle supports with a closed heel.

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