Jan 19, 2016

ManuLoc long Plus and ManuLoc Rhizo long Plus

Complete stability for your hand

Two new hand orthoses have now joined Bauerfeind’s ManuLoc family, meaning that this range can now be used in even more indications. ManuLoc long Plus and ManuLoc Rhizo long Plus are long orthoses with a removable finger support.

In addition to the wrist and forearm, they also immobilize the long fingers, which are made up of three parts. This improves the degree of stabilization provided by the orthoses, offering maximum protection against damaging incorrect movements. As treatment progresses, the finger support can be easily removed.

The finger support can be adjusted so that it fixes the fingers in the neutral position or the intrinsic plus position. In the intrinsic plus position, the basal joints are kept bent at 70 to 90 degrees and the middle and end joints are extended. This gently extends the outer capsular ligaments, helping to prevent damage due to immobilization. ManuLoc long Plus and ManuLoc Rhizo long Plus are suitable for use in follow-up treatment after distortion or contusion of the hand as a result of an accident, or after combination fractures of the hand, metacarpus, and forearm. They can also be used as a night-time postural splint to provide security in severe cases of carpal tunnel syndrome.

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