History of Bauerfeind AG

From family company to internationally operating group of companies 

The history of the family company begins in the 1920s in Zeulenroda in eastern Thuringia, the place where at one time almost every compression stocking sold worldwide was produced.

1929 Bruno Bauerfeind starts up a specialist company for the production of medical compression stockings. He heads the company until his death in December 1944.

1939 The company already has 100 employees.

1945 Rudolf Bauerfeind, son of the company's founder, returns from imprisonment in Russia and sets to work full of confidence. 

1949 The political climate of the Soviet occupiers is anything but business-friendly and the Bauerfeind family leaves Zeulenroda and begins reconstruction in Darmstadt-Eberstadt. 

In the 1960s Hans B. Bauerfeind develops and modifies production processes: amongst other things, the grandson of the company's founder modifies a knitting machine so that it can also be used to produce the stocking top. He also develops procedures to simplify the production of seamless made-to-measure stockings. 

1972 Hans B. Bauerfeind takes over the company Diedrich Grote Nachfolger in Kempen and in 1978 merges the companies in Darmstadt and Kempen into Bauerfeind GmbH with its headquarters in Kempen. This site existed until March 2009.

1981 The development of the GenuTrain® knee support represents a milestone in the company's history. It is the beginning of a product range in which the principle of functional therapy is transferred from compression stockings to supports. Since then, the GenuTrain® has proven itself a million times over.

1984 Bauerfeind establishes its first foreign subsidiary: Bauerfeind Österreich. In the years that follow, further distribution companies are established in Europe and the USA, and Bauerfeind makes takeovers that include the specialist companies Berkemann Hamburg and Globus K. Kremendahl Remscheid.

1991 Hans B. Bauerfeind brings the family company back to his home town of Zeulenroda. The manufacturer of compression stockings, supports, orthoses, orthopedic orthoses and, since 2001, prosthetic components, operates nationally and internationally in four business segments of the market.At the site of the company's headquarters in Zeulenroda, the following are created with significant investment:

1994 At the time, probably the most up-to-date production site for medical compression stockings,

1999 The Bauerfeind Innovation Center, the research and development arm of the company; since 2002 operating as Bauerfeind AG,

2003 The Logistics Center and

2004 The new administrative buildings – at 57 meters, the highest new building in the region since reunification. 

2007 Bauerfeind launches a quality partner program for medical supply retailers in Germany. Its aim is to improve the quality of consultancy and other services by specialist dealers and thus ensure optimum patient care. To date, more than 1000 partners in both production and retail have joined the partner program.

As of October 2007 Berkemann is carried on as an independent company by owner Thomas Bauerfeind.

In November 2007 Münster University of Applied Sciences grants an honorary professorship to Hans B. Bauerfeind, thus honoring his commitment to Technical Orthopedic Studies.

At the end of February 2008 Prof. Hans B. Bauerfeind is elected president of the East Thuringian Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Gera.

In November 2008 the Co Partnerschaft Deutschland [co-partnership Germany] that has existed since 2001 was extended by a further four years to 2012. As official supplier to the German Olympic team, Bauerfeind has supported team physicians and physiotherapists in treating the German Olympic athletes both during and between the Games.

In March 2009 Bauerfeind is awarded five prizes for innovative, design-oriented products: the iF gold award, the iF product design award and the red dot award: product design for the JT20 prosthetic knee. The hip orthosis SofTec® Coxa is also honored with the iF product design award and the red dot award: product design. The jury in question reaches its decision not only on the basis of visual considerations; aspects such as degree of innovation and functionality or durability of the product feature much more heavily in the assessment.

In April 2009 Beatrix Bauerfeind-Johnson enters the company. She is the fourth generation to be represented in the company's management. Beatrix Bauerfeind-Johnson, who has already been active in leading positions in various company sectors in Germany and the USA following her education and studies, is responsible for the field of Finance/Personnel.

As of January 2010 what was the prosthetics branch becomes Uniprox GmbH & Co. KG.

February 2010: The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver represents a first: for the first time, Bauerfeind is the official partner of an Olympic organizing committee and is thus on hand for the athletes of all participating nations.