Dec 18, 2013

Dr. Christopher Lattimer receives the Bauerfeind Phlebology Award

The annual Phlebology Award - which comes with EUR 20,000 in prize money - has been presented by Bauerfeind every two years since 2001. The company presents the prize in association with the International Union of Phlebology (IUP) with the aim of promoting international research in the field of compression therapy. British physician Dr. Christopher Lattimer received the prestigious prize for his study design at this year's World Congress in September. He is investigating the effectiveness of class 1 and 2 compression stockings with regard to improving circulation in the calf in patients with...

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Dec 18, 2013

XVIth Thuringia Innovation Prize 2013

Prof. Hans B. Bauerfeind receives the "Ernst Abbe Prize for innovative entrepreneurship"

On November 14, 2013, Prof. Hans B. Bauerfeind was awarded the Ernst Abbe Prize for his commitment to entrepreneurship and society at the gala event for the Thuringia Innovation Prize. The CEO of Bauerfeind, a Thuringian family-run company, looked delighted as he accepted the award in Weimar. The entrepreneur from Zeulenroda emphasized the fact that Ernst Abbe is still a role model today. Abbe always paid attention to innovation and usability, just as the medical aid manufacturer does with its products. The judging panel for the Thuringia Innovation Prize, which consists of 11...

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VenoTrain business men and women

Nov 14, 2013

VenoTrain business Men and Women:

feel the difference

The VenoTrain business knee-high stocking is now available in two versions, Men and Women, with different foot lengths. The compression stocking with a classic ribbed look complements an understated business look perfectly and provides functional comfort throughout your working day. It stimulates the circulation, supporting you through long days. The stocking is comfortable to wear and keeps your feet fresh with its antimicrobial sole. Previously used primarily as a men's or unisex stocking, the fit now also takes the small difference between the genders into account: the Men version is...

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SecuTec Omo

Nov 07, 2013

SecuTec Omo and OmoLoc

Secure support for the shoulder

Whether it is used post-operatively to treat shoulder injuries or following prosthetic implants, or for post-traumatic treatment after a dislocated shoulder, the new SecuTec Omo stabilizing orthosis secures and relieves the injured joint and reduces pain. The shoulder joint can be immobilized in any chosen abduction position in order to relieve the tendinous ligaments. The special feature of the SecuTec Omo is a multifunctional joint with two settings that enables the arm to be positioned in accordance with the indications. The abduction angle can be individually adjusted up to 60°. The arm...

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ErgoPad ski & skate

Oct 08, 2013

ErgoPad ski and skate winter sports foot orthoses

Perfect control on snow and ice

Alpine skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey – many winter sports force the feet into a static position Tilting to the side and changing pressure loads also put strain on the feet and joints. The new ErgoPad ski and skate winter sports foot orthosis is specially designed to cope with these strains and support the typical movement patterns. As usual, the orthotic core with patented weightflex technology takes on a supporting role – and the plastic used in foot orthoses designed for sport is much more flexible than the type used in orthoses for work and leisure use, for example. This adaptation is...

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