Feb 11, 2016

ManuTrain wrist support

Now with donning aid

When the wrist is painful, the ManuTrain support can help. A blue donning aid is now provided in every pack. This practical addition saves time and energy when putting on the support, since the hand and forearm slide between two slim layers as with a glove. The ManuTrain thus surrounds the wrist more quickly and massages it when it moves. Two anatomically contoured pads protect nerves and protruding bones against pressure peaks in a targeted way. The new donning aid makes everyday treatment easier every time you use it. Its easy-care material is especially tear-resistant. It is very thin,...

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Jan 26, 2016

VenoTrain micro Compression stockings

Seeing in the spring with expressive colors

The most beautiful season is nearly upon us and it is bringing with it the new range of fashion colors for the VenoTrain micro, featuring vibrant shades that are perfect for springtime. The sophisticated “Purple” and the bright “Orange” are reminiscent of blossoming crocuses. The radiant “Lagoon” makes you think of the turquoise waters of the South Pacific, sandy beaches, and palm trees. In contrast, “Petrol” is a rich blue that goes well with warm oranges and gold tones. The “Design Edition” of the VenoTrain micro creates even more scope for making vein therapy look great. The four new...

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Jan 19, 2016

ManuLoc long Plus and ManuLoc Rhizo long Plus

Complete stability for your hand

Two new hand orthoses have now joined Bauerfeind’s ManuLoc family, meaning that this range can now be used in even more indications. ManuLoc long Plus and ManuLoc Rhizo long Plus are long orthoses with a removable finger support. In addition to the wrist and forearm, they also immobilize the long fingers, which are made up of three parts. This improves the degree of stabilization provided by the orthoses, offering maximum protection against damaging incorrect movements. As treatment progresses, the finger support can be easily removed. The finger support can be adjusted so that it fixes the...

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Dec 01, 2015

Bodytronic 600 measurement technology

Export and continue processing 3D data

Bauerfeind’s Bodytronic 600 measurement technology digitizes body shapes and dimensions. Now it also offers the possibility to export 3D data. Thanks to the latest software upgrade, up to 54 centimeters of the foot and lower leg can be captured from the floor up. The software uses this data to generate a precise 3D model. Another new feature also enables medical retailers to digitize foam imprints in 3D to precisely model the plantar side of the foot. Finally, the data is merged to create a complete, anatomical 3D model of the foot using external software. This can be used for further...

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Dec 01, 2015

New GenuPoint support

Targeted relief for the patellar tendon

Bauerfeind has now added a narrow patellar tendon support for the treatment of knee complaints to its product range: The new GenuPoint helps to combat pain and the restriction of movement caused by patellar tendonitis or anterior knee pain. It fits perfectly below the kneecap and provides targeted relief for the patellar tendon with its large special pad. The pad has four pressure points with frictional nubs, which also guide the tendon during loading and massage the entire area. This sensorimotor stimulation aids knee functioning. The GenuPoint’s special knitted fabric holds it securely in...

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